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Engineering excellence requires excellent engineers. Working with many of the world’s leading businesses that employ mechanical engineers, we deliver a variety of services that ultimately help build commercial value.

On this page:

  1. How professional registration benefits your business
  2. Company Based Registration
  3. Accredited and Approved development schemes
  4. How we can help with professional development and CPD

How professional registration benefits your business

To demonstrate that your business has the capacity to achieve excellence in engineering, you can benchmark employee progress against the independent, industry-recognised standard of professional registration. We believe this will help your engineers and technicians set new standards of excellence in their work.

Professional registration can help your business:

  • Attract and retain the best engineers
  • Gain a competitive advantage in contract bidding and tender processes through extra credibility and reliability
  • Be confident that your engineers have been independently assessed and reviewed by peers
  • Manage risk effectively on an international stage, by demonstrating globally accepted standards of excellence.

Company Based Registration

Company Based Registration (CBR) provides a structured programme and timetable of support for your employees, which makes it easy for you to enable professional registration applications with minimal disruption to your business.

Groups of engineers can come together with all the support and guidance they need as they work through the process. A dedicated Business Development Manager will work in partnership with your business.

Find out more about Company Based Registration